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Why YouTube Loves Educational Videos on Science

At Makematic, we have analyzed 50 of the Top Educational content creators on Youtube and have found that 60% are dedicated to science-based videos. Let us explain why:

Visually Appealing & Interactive

Let's be honest, back in school science was, for the most part, a welcome hiatus from mundane assignments, especially when there were experiments. The same can be applied for educational videos on YouTube. Science has that initial appeal that unfortunately a lot of other subjects have trouble with.

From Slow-motion Diving into a 1000 Mousetraps to Crushing Adamantium with a Hydraulic Press, it just sounds like an interesting watch, and the statistics seem to agree, with tens of millions of views each it's most definitely garnering huge audiences.

Why not check out Crayola's STEAM for 21st Century Learners, produced by Makematic and aimed at children from aged 3 to 7 in learning the five STEAM disciplines of science, technology engineering, art and math

Many Sub-Genres to Choose From

Science can mean a lot of things from the classic; Biology, Chemistry & Physics to more elaborate topics such as Psychology, Anthropology and Philosophy.

It can also inter-connect with most other subjects from:

  • Mathematics - to create videos on paradoxes, civics, and game theory at the end of it scientific statistics rely on Maths just as much as Maths does on Science.
  • Home Economics - cooking masterclasses, food hacks, it all goes back to what HomeEc was once named: a "culinary science".
  • Computing - from web-design all the way through to in-depth analysis on which video-game console you should buy to programming languages which of course, falls under computer science - the clue's in the name.

Whether intentional or not, most educational videos will become rooted in science one way or another and it's fair to see how such a large percentage can dominate the online, educational space.

If you are a fan of computing, why not try Kano's Creative Coding masterclass aimed for teachers and young people who wish to start learning computer science.

"If It Ain't Broke..."

Unfortunately, for a lot of upcoming educational content creators out there, it's hard to break the mold when looking at the high demand Science videos has obtained. Most may be hesitant to start producing content in other subject areas and as a result, a new, science-dedicated channel has been born.

However, it's our jobs as content creators, as parents, as educators and so forth to go against the mold and work towards the creation of accessible, educational content for all aspects of the curriculum - not just what people are 'into' right now.

So, I implore you, if you have to watch one educational video today, let it be something other than science. Need some help? Why not check out our:

  • Untold: American History You Won’t Learn About In A Textbook
  • Skillsumo - Bitesize videos for young people entering the world of work.

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