Another month, another vlog, and this time Tara Walsh hosted the vlog with some special guests all the way from the U.S! In episode 15, Tara chatted with two co-producers from the Women & the American Story and Untold stories to discuss why we need to keep telling Untold stories.

In case you didn’t know, we’ve been working with the New-York Historical Society for the past two years to create Untold videos surrounding lesser-known women in history. The society’s “Women & the American Story” curriculum project attempts to close the gender gap in history classrooms by highlighting the lives of diverse women; women of color, LGBTQ+, and more. We worked closely (virtually, of course) with the Teen Leaders to develop each story. In the latest vlog, you’ll hear from two teens from the program and learn more about the stories they co-produced. You can watch the vlog below!

Campbell Beaver co-produced the video telling Marsha P. Johnson’s story. Watch it below. You can also check out his blog of “Why Untold History Matters“.

Lastly, Akiko Jindo is the second teen leader that Tara interviewed. Akiko discussed why she decided to tell the story of the free Black women in Spanish Louisana. They turned an oppressive headscarf law into a celebration of individuality and culture.

You can watch the entire Women & the American Story videos here.


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