What Are Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination?

Anti-Semitism, or hostility toward the Jewish people, is current and widespread.The oppression of minorities is not a modern phenomenon.Actor Tony Shalhoub joins Journeys in Film to explore the roots of prejudice (intolerance of other people or groups), stereotyping (a fixed or oversimplified idea of other individuals or groups), and discrimination (acting on one’s prejudice), across cultures.Journeys in Film believes where there is understanding, there is tolerance. And where there is tolerance, there is unity and strength.Why do you think prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination exist today?What can you do to foster understanding and tolerance?MakeMatic had the privilege to work with Journeys in Film to produce What are prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination?We can all make a difference. Join MakeMatic and Journey's in Film to stamp out prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination today.
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