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We're Working From Home: Makematic Behind-The-Scenes Episode 5

You might have already seen a working from home vlog, but here’s another one.

Working from home is something that the team of Makematic is fortunate enough to do. We have been collaborating and communicating with each other and our clients and partners for the past four months now. During these four months, we’ve acquired some tips/hacks/insights that may be useful to you - whether that’s how to make a laptop stand out of books or simply just giving you some office design inspiration.

In this episode, I reached out to the team and asked if they have any insights, hacks or tips about working from home and to send me their office space, mainly because I need some office space inspiration and designing a Pinterest inspired office was not in my budget. Safe to say, I got a few responses from the team.

I won’t spoil it all for you, but the episode includes a couple of dog pictures, a lot of tips and some major home office inspiration. One of the tips that I found ingenious was from Claire, who is one of our motion designers, and she said that she likes to play Spanish music and thus making her feel as though she was in Lanzarote. Brilliant. Greek music. Can you tell where I was meant to be this July?

My personal tip was to leave a sign on the door - preferably ones that state to not enter the room, to prevent anyone, from entering. It’s definitely foolproof if you’re living with more than one person in your house.

Below are some home office spaces that you could definitely take inspiration from. For me, I’m definitely going to be adding a plant somewhere in the office area, get myself a notebook and look at dog pictures on Instagram, because it will be the closest thing I’ll get to having a dog - for now, #GetGiannaADog

Do you have any working from home tips or hacks?

Watch episode 5 here!

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