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Let's Talk Lighting: Makematic Behind-The-Scenes Episode 4

Thank goodness for Zoom. This vlog is not sponsored by Zoom.

In this new normal that everyone around the world is experiencing, making a vlog about the company, live-action shoots, events and office things is quite hard to do when you’re stuck inside and have been for the past two months.

So we find new ways.

Luckily, technology has evolved and has helped the entire company operate without being in the office. In particular, Zoom has been the MVP for Makematic even before the pandemic happened. We’re very familiar with the “Hello, can you hear me’s?” and “Sorry my wi-fi connection’s a bit dodgy” scenarios.

Zoom in Action

This vlog - at home edition - is dedicated to lighting. I don’t have any professional equipment at home, all I’ve got are several windows at my leisure. Since I’m still filming on my smartphone with no lighting equipment, I have to make do with what I have.

I set-up a Zoom call with our Assistant Producer, Ryan Lee, who kindly spoke to me about his tips on how to get the best lighting for video calls and self-recordings because given these times of endless online calls, meetings and presentations, lighting is key.

His best tip is to face a North or West facing window to get an even, natural and consistent light throughout your recording.

I didn’t know which type of window I had prior to this Zoom call. So I went on my compass app on my phone and found out that I’ve got a SouthEast facing window. If you have the same type of window, watch the fourth vlog to find out how you can adjust your light

During this new normal, I’ve found that collaboration has been key to making everything work. I’d like to thank Ryan Lee, Brian Shaw and Kevin Gillen for helping me create this vlog!

Also, we’re hosting The Good News Broadcast competition in collaboration with SchoolRubric and Clickview (shameless plug). It’s open to students aged 11-14 and all they have to do is share their good news stories in a video that’s under 60 seconds long! So pass on the message to any siblings, nephews, nieces, cousins that you’ve got!

Stay safe and we’re going to get through this!

Watch the fourth episode of the vlog now!

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