Internet and Software Creation has continued to evolve during the past decade. Right now, it can be used as an effective medium for your Team or Company’s project creation & management, while aiding your time and organisation skills to new heights. Here are some of our top tools you can implement into your new project!


At Makematic, we highly recommend incorporating Google Workspace to your Company’s content structure. Within Google Workspace you will be given access to numerous Cloud-based tools such as Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentation Slides alongside Google Drive to store and organise your files.

These tools also allow for user collaboration with up to 100 people being able to view and edit files simultaneously. Another great feature is its ability to automatically save and keep back-ups of previous file amendments, in case of human error, an old save can be amended all within the file itself.

E-mails and Instant messaging are also covered with Google’s Gmail which allows for encrypted messaging between colleagues, groups, or clients anywhere in the world, regardless of whether they utilise GMail or not.


As a Production Company, project time management is an essential element of our work structure, and Asana has become a tried-and-tested solution to organising complex task sets into a simplified layout for which we can assign specific staff members and delivery dates for each individual assignment.

Each user can see their assigned tasks from a multitude of different projects in numerous visual layouts including as a List, as a Board, or within a Calendar. This allows numerous different ways to visualise objectives to suit each person’s mindset.

Each of your Company’s departments can be delegated their own group for which all shared goals can be outlined to mirror your Company’s visions and aims alongside individual tasks.


Out with Post-it Notes and physical mood boards, as Milanote provides both these tools but in a dynamic, visually appealing, and simple-to-use layout.

You can add visual content such as links, photos, videos and notes and incorporate them into a visual ‘boards’ which can be shared and updated with numerous colleagues. We use Milanote for design sprints, when coming up with new visual developments for our future, video series.

Note-taking is also taken to a whole new level with their inclusion of a To-Do list, which removes the need for endless note-taking while also allowing for comments and feedback between your team members throughout all stages. The video below explains how giving and receiving feedback makes you a better collaborator.

These are just some of the unsung heroes of software tools, we have been using reliably for years and we hope you give them a try and see if they can improve and better your project management and communication during your next project. Want to learn more about Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Communication? Why not check out our The 4Cs series, free on our Video-on-Demand service today!

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