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3 Things We Have Learnt in 2020

I could use the words crazy, weird or my personal favourite “unprecedented” to describe what happened in 2020. Everyone is looking forward to New Year’s Eve when the clock strikes midnight in the hopes that this year will not repeat itself. Let’s be honest not having a Christmas dinner where everyone drinks a little bit too much but no one really cares because it’s Christmas - we’d like that back in 2021, please.

But before we say the goodbyes, farewells and the ‘hope to never see you again’ here are three things that we have learned in 2020.

Being A Conscious Consumer

I could give you a separate blog post about the things that we have learnt this year but one thing (amongst the many) is being more conscious about spending money on travel. We’re going to be asking ourselves if it’s necessary to travel to this destination or can it be discussed over Zoom? Albeit, in-person meetings means the unlikeliness of the WiFi cutting off and your video freezing at a very unflattering angle. But is it necessary to travel to a destination twice a week to have a meeting? Think about it. It will reduce our carbon footprint and save money on those overpriced pack of crisps at the airport.

Take Care Of Our Mental Health

Thinking about lockdown makes all of us shiver especially during the early days of the pandemic. No shops open (besides supermarkets), one walk a day and endless Zoom quizzes. One thing is for sure, being locked in our houses with very strict restrictions can make us feel a little bit mad. In late August 2020, the Mental Health Foundation found that almost half (45%) of the UK population had felt anxious or worried in the previous two weeks. This year, we’ve all learnt that it’s okay to step away from the computer and relax. We don’t have to answer the emails as soon as it’s in the inbox. Take a walk, watch a show, turn off your computer and take care of yourself first instead of putting yourself through stress which will eventually lead to burnout. No one wants to burnout.

Video Isn't Going Away Anytime Soon

Between you and me, I’ve been watching a lot of videos this year. Whether that’s binging the latest season of The Crown, searching through YouTube and finding the perfect recipe for sourdough bread but never actually making it, to scrolling through Tiktok and learning all kinds of stuff that I never knew before. Video isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

That’s the same for educational videos too. The State of Video in Education report 2020 states that: “Video is suddenly no longer a nice-to-have for education, but essential.” It’s proving its worth as 84% see video’s positive impact on student satisfaction and 76% believe it increases instructors’ satisfaction. It’s no surprise that educational videos and using videos have skyrocketed this year. With distance learning continuing in 2021, it’s likely that videos will continue to be used. At Makematic we understand high demand, especially due to COVID-19 the need more than ever for effective, online educational content that can be utilised by educators, parents and students of all ages during this shift to online-based learning. Check out our blog post on 14 Awesome Free Online Educational Resources For Teachers And Parents.

However, it’s important to note that video fatigue is real. So put down the device and let your eyes relax. Talk to your colleagues, students (virtually) or people around your household because sometimes getting a response back from a screen can be nice. I’ve tried it with bakers on YouTube asking them to make the sourdough for me, unfortunately, no response.

So there you have it. 3 things that I have learnt during this ‘unprecedented’ year that I’ll take with me to 2021. What have you learnt this year?

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