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Teaching Online Masterclass (TOM) Series 2: Now Available

We’re pleased to announce that Teaching Online Masterclass (TOM) Series 2 is now available!

TOM is a free online professional development resource for educators making the leap into remote teaching and learning. With a catalogue of bite-sized videos produced in partnership with Innovate UK, TOM 2.0 will guide the skills K-12 educators can expand on to boost their online teaching. Watching and acting on the practical tips delivered in TOM series 2 will encourage confidence in teachers, and notably, create an enhanced online learning experience for students.

Each episode is presented by one of three established educators: Marissa Aroy, an Emmy Award winner, Kwame Daniels, the founder and CEO of Bounce Culture, and Tara Walsh, Makematic’s very own Director of Engagement.

“Producing the second series of TOM offered the opportunity to make a ‘how-to-teach-online’ course in a fresh manner. The aim was to balance animation with friendly and authoritative educators giving practical advice on how to - engage, encourage and educate the next generation.”

- Jane Wong, Producer

“Series 2 of TOM delves into the skills that educators need to develop in themselves and those they teach in order to thrive in the online learning space. The series will look at the drivers of motivation, engagement and learning, as well as the key skills they’ll need to develop in their students so that they not only find learning in online environments a success, but so that they are better prepared for the workforce. The series looks at evidence and research in best practice online teaching and learning in the K-12 and higher education space. At its heart this series is about showing educators how they can apply the research and best practice to their teaching and learning everyday”

- Tara Walsh, Director of Engagement and Innovation

Jane was supported by Lee Henry (Scriptwriter), Niall Kearney (Sound Mixer), Brian Shaw (Head of Production), Melissa Hodder (Production Manager), Laura Brenna (Production Coordinator), Kyle McGeagh (Content & Distribution Coordinator), and Shirin Edwards (Rights & Clearance Executive).

Watch all the new episodes of Teaching Online Masterclass series 2 here!

Teaching Online Masterclass Whitepaper: Taking Classes Online

The aim of this whitepaper is to provide the education community practical ways to connect research and theory with practice. Drawing on a number of significant studies, both established and more recent, that focus on online pedagogy in K-12 online or distance learning, we’ve synthesised the evidence and provide strategies and activities so educators can implement effective online teaching as soon as possible.

Download the whitepaper here.

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