How Ed Tech Can Help Steer Us Towards Sustainability


How EdTech Can Help Steer Us Towards Sustainability: EdTech News June

The Summer holidays are almost in sight even though it may feel that this year was the year that school forgot. Holon IQ has written a report on EdTech in the MENA region. It says that 'accelerating the education innovation across MENA is perhaps one of the region's most single important initiatives to drive stability, growth, and prosperity for all'. EdTech in the MENA region is rarely in the spotlight, but it's good to know that investments and acquisitions are thriving.

Continuing on from last month's articles on learning loss and personalised learning, there have been several more interesting and worthwhile articles on the topic that I wanted to share with you. First up is this blog which argues that studying family life may offer insights into personalised learning and how within-family studies can help focus on the factors that help and hinder. Secondly, an article from Edsurge on the steps for humanising personal learning and how it's now needed more than ever to counter balance learning loss. This article dispels some of the myths around personalised learning and how we can truly assess a child's (academic) success.

Finally, something that we're very passionate about at Makematic and that I'm sure we will be creating more content around in the next twelve months - sustainability. This article and round table discussion around how EdTech can help steer us towards sustainability. How can we all work together to work towards a better and greener future for all? Check out our series on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); a collection of bite-sized video and animated assets that are designed to teach educators and students about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Did you miss last month’s EdTech News where we discussed learning loss and how the pandemic and hybrid learning have contributed heavily to it? Check it out here.

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