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Support the Sustainable Development Goals! Take the #17DaystoLearn Challenge

17 Days of Activities for Young Changemakers from Concern Worldwide, Horyou and Makematic

This world is the one thing we all have in common! By working together, we can achieve great things for the future of humanity. Making the world a better place for everyone is something we need to work on every single day, and it starts with you and us to inspire those around us.

To put this idea into practice, Horyou, Concern Worldwide and Makematic have decided to set up the #17DaysToLearn challenge for young changemakers, in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals!

As advocates of the SDGs, Horyou, Concern Worldwide and Makematic’s communities believe in the power of positivity and we’re all constantly spreading positive actions and ideas worldwide.

Your child can be a part of this global partnership by participating in the #17DaysToLearn challenge

Each day a new challenge will be set, supported by engaging animations about the sustainable development goals. The ideal age for these challenges is 8 - 16 years old, but really the challenges can be adapted to suit any age. The whole family can join in!

Together, they can show the world that every expression of optimism, no matter how big or small, has a great positive impact. Each one of us can inspire and educate others about the SDGs.

The #17DaysToLearn challenge will start Monday 20th April at 9am (GMT)!

#17DaysToLearn Challenge Instructions

  1. Download the free Makematic app on iPhone and Apple TV, Android and Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku. You can also log in here.
  2. Forward the challenge details to other parents or ask your children to invite their friends to complete the challenge.
  3. Each day we’ll be asking you or your child to share your challenge using the hashtag #17DaysToLearn via Twitter, Facebook or any other Social Media. We want to see activists and changemakers of the future share their achievements to inspire others.
  4. Learn more about Horyou and Concern Worldwide and the work they are doing to further the SDGs.

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