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New Year, New Vlog Series: Makematic Behind-The-Scenes

The New Year is always a great opportunity to try something new, especially in a new decade.

This January 2020, I’m so excited to be introducing our new vlog series Makematic Behind The Scenes. As the name suggests, the series will grant you an all-access pass into what we are doing. Whether that’s showing you what happens around the offices, at events we attend or behind the scenes at our live-action shoots.

In each vlog, an educational twist will be added so that you can learn something new. For example, at live-action shoots, I will be asking experts such as the producers and crew questions such as “Why is B-Roll important?” or “Why do you have to snap your fingers before every take?” and if you know the answer to that question then you probably work in production, so keep that answer to yourself.

The next months are also going to be filled with events that we’re attending around the world - I may not be in them per se, but I’ll try to squeeze in some highlights from each event. From more local events such as the Digital Youth Event in Belfast to a global event such as SXSW EDU in Austin, Texas, USA - airport vlog anyone?

Finally, I’ll be showing you what happens at our offices. The moments when we work extra hard to the moments when we’re having a bit of a laugh. Stay tuned for an office tour from both the Belfast and Derry offices - our bathrooms are really exciting, you won’t want to miss it.

A new vlog will be released every end of the month (maybe two if I can), so make sure to follow our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for updates, and subscribe to our YouTube account for the full video.

The first vlog will be released on 27 January (aka next Monday) and it will be the shortest vlog you’ll ever watch. Think of it as an introduction to that massive report you’re writing; where the rest of the content will be informative and interesting, whereas the intro is something you have to read to know what the rest of the report is going to be about.

I’m very excited to be hosting this vlog series and showing you what our company is all about, so please get used to my face because it’s the one you’ll see most!

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