Learning on Social Media


Learning on Social Media: Makematic Behind-The-Scenes Vlog

Learning on social media is not the first thing people think of when they open Facebook or Twitter. But that's what I decided to do in this vlog.

I decided to combine the two platforms in one video because, to be honest, I didn't have the highest hope for either platform. Don't get me wrong, they're great platforms. Evidentally successful - I'm talking directly to you Mark Zuckerberg. So, I wanted to prove myself wrong by seeing if the platforms can, in fact, share educational content.

Fact or Cap ?

For those unfamiliar with the word "cap", it's a Gen Z way to say fake. Plus, it's a popular series on TikTok where two people find videos on TikTok and test out if it's real or fake.

From personal experiences, Facebook and Twitter have always been a platform for community and networking. Nevertheless, users on Facebook and Twitter also share stories, articles, news, and facts. But those platforms have a rep for sharing false information. This Forbes article even shares how "Facebook is by far the worst perpetrator when it comes to spreading fake news." That's not to say that TikTok or Instagram is completely void of spreading false information. It's just that those two platforms (Facebook & Twitter) have a bad rep (and a very public one) when it comes to sharing what's real or fake.

Learning on Social Media is Possible

Throughout this 3 part series of the vlog, I've learnt that you can definitely learn on social media. It just depends on who you follow. This is for all platforms, not just Facebook and Twitter.

If you're not following educational content on any platform, then evidently you won't see educational content. You can still learn from your peers and connections on social media, just make sure that whatever they're sharing is real. You'll have to go out and do your own research before believing that one Facebook friend who you haven't spoken to in over 10 years. Check out vlog 16 below


If you haven't seen the two previous vlogs from this "Learning on Social Media" series, you can check it out here Learning on TikTok and Learning on Instagram.

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