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Interactive Art at The Garden School, London

We've had the pleasure of working with the very cool Garden School over the last few months to develop an interactive artwork alongside teachers and students. The Garden is an outstanding school in Hackney (London) offering education for 2-16 year-olds with highly specialised provisions for learners with autism.The project was kickstarted through a project we worked on with The Barbican, and we were so impressed by The Garden that we just had to spend some time working with them. Students have created their own artworks in class and we're working with their teachers to make the art interactive using bioconductive paint, Raspberry Pis and lots of wires and crocodile clips. Once finished, the whole work will be touch sensitive; creating light and music whenever students interact with it.Last Friday we started the installation and the project will be unveiled formally in the new school term. Well done to Aine for making it happen.

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