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How to Create Instructional Videos Like a Pro

Creating instructional videos has never been easier. But how can you make it so that it is fit for purpose?

Anyone can be a producer, and our very own Director of Production, Brian Shaw will explain how ANYONE can create instructional videos that will engage your audience.

The Basics

If you don't get the structure right, you might as well give up. This part is easy if you plan and consider all of the elements that make a good story. Watch, listen and learn what our Director of Production suggests you need to do in order to create a well-structured educational video.

Engage, Retain and Entertain

Now we are not saying you need to use jazz hands to get your audience's attention. But once you've nailed the structure it's time to think about how you will engage, retain and entertain your audience.

Amp Up The Production Value

This one might seem the hardest, especially if you've only just learned how to use the video on your smartphone. The truth is, this bit is much easier than you think.

So what are you waiting for? There really is no excuse now for poor quality, poorly structured instructional videos. You have all of the information you need here to create videos that your audience will not only enjoy but learn something too.

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