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Gain While You Game: Makematic Behind The Scenes Vlog

In this vlog, I'm taking you behind-the-scenes of our first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) video: "Gain While you Game".

This is not your traditional behind-the-scenes that you may have watched on YouTube. As you know, Makematic has been operating remotely from home for almost 12 months now. We have managed to shoot videos in the past few weeks with TOM 2.0 currently in the works, with social-distancing and cleanliness in mind. However, the majority of our current projects are animations or self-recording. With the current lockdown in place in N.I. until April we don't think it will change anytime soon.

This CSR video was no different. I brought back Tasha, who was the Producer for this CSR video, and we discussed her experience producing a video online. We talked about the pros and cons of online production, what she thought of the final outcome of the video and of course, we couldn't do a gaming video without talking briefly about games. If you didn't buy a Nintendo Switch at the beginning of lockdown last year and played Animal Crossing for 6 months - did you really go through lockdown?

As mentioned in the vlog, there was a team of six who created this video. We communicated and collaborated all online. Emails and Zoom calls are the norm here at Makematic, so it was easy to talk to the team. We researched the key points that needed to go into the video, created a mood board for the look and feel of the video, and came up with a storyboard to support our ideas.

We made conscious decisions throughout the whole video. One of the most important decisions that we made was to cast two girls in the video. We know that a lot of people perceive gaming as a male-dominated field, so we cast two girls to reject this perception. It's 2021, I think it's time that we realise that girls like to actually play games.

If you haven't already watched the CSR video "Gain While You Game". You can watch it here. For the behind-the-scenes vlog featuring Tasha, watch it below!

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