Unlocking the impact of edtech


Unlocking the Impact of EdTech – EdTech News September 2021

The school year is back in full swing for many children, but unfortunately, on a global scale, there are still way too many kids who are missing out on any kind of education. I'm sure most of you have seen what has happened in Afghanistan these past few weeks and what the potential impact, especially on girls and their education this could have. Please read this blog on how far the education system had come in Afghanistan in the past twenty years and that it needs more development - not a breakdown strategy - than ever to progress to some kind of acceptable standard.

The second article I would like to highlight is on 'Unlocking the Impact of EdTech'. Last year was extremely disrupting for education and this year is set to be a bumper year for investment in EdTech. How can we improve insights into EdTech's impact on the efficacy of teaching and learning though?

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