Edtech News - October

As the season has definitely started to change, I wanted to take a moment in this month's blog to take stock of where we are in the world of education and some interesting developments taking place.

OECD Today

First of all, this article gives us a short overview of some of the key findings in education in 2019 so far. It's a synopsis of a longer report. Some of the trends we have been seeing in other years are continuing. Notably, the number of people choosing a career in teaching continues to decline. Also, why it is that sectors such as engineering, are struggling to attract employees despite great work prospects?

Education And Work

The author of this blog argues that we need a better connection between education and work.

"The remaking of existing talent will require much closer partnerships between education providers and employers, which will give rise to new models where employers become educators themselves (Amazon’s recent $700-million investment in talent development, almost entirely run by internal training in the company, is a good example). And our current education model will need to become substantially more applied and work-integrated."

AI In Education

I wanted to end on a piece about Artificial Intelligence in Education. AI seems to have become a buzz word in almost any sector. But what does it mean for schools and learning? This piece is the very first report commissioned on the subject and has some interesting insights.

I hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as I did. Until next month.

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