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Edtech News - December

This is my last blog in 2019 for Makematic and as is the habit at this time of year, I'll be looking forward to what education trends we may be seeing in 2020. I've found a nice succinct article from the team of education specialists at 3P Learning about this.

For those of you who work in Education/ EdTech/ Learning or whatever you prefer to call it, BETT in London may be on your agenda this year. They've also done some predictions for next year too.

Needless to say, technology and its increasing role in the classroom is high on the agenda for 2020. It's not that teachers will be replaced by robots any time soon though. Student insight data will allow them to focus more on pupils' needs. Personalised learning will help retention rates and that can only be a good thing.

Finally, to close off I enjoyed reading this article, which discusses that the best teachers are those who do things differently and show passion for their subject. Something to keep in mind for everyone for whatever you do in 2020.

Enjoy the holidays!

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