Ed Tech News April 2021


EdTech News – April 2021

During the last year, we've all found our own ways to adapt and this is also the case for how and where we learn. Some students have had the luxury of their own room, a desk, whereas others have had to share the kitchen table or sit on the bed. What's the connection between student engagement and learning environments? Research has shown that the more agency a student has over their own learning environment, the more engaged they will be and success will follow, especially if this can be paired with nurturing social-emotional skills. Read more here on all the factors needed for a student to really invest in learning.

At Makematic we create a lot of content around 21st-century skills and the future of work. This article struck me - gender norms are evident in children as young as five years old. Unsurprisingly, early years development is linked to how children see their future and gender is a more important factor than socio-economic background.

Finally, an article on libraries and how they're changing. They're not just social hubs and legacy links to the pursuit of knowledge. Libraries now also represent a future vision, being early adopters of digital learning and technology.

Check out last month's EdTech News where we discuss esports and how it can help support young people about online safety, collaboration, communication and positive behaviour.

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