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EdTech News - April

Last month the main subject of my blog was the impact of the Coronavirus on education, children, parents, educators and EdTech and this month it would have to be the same. Here in the UK, schools, colleges, universities and other institutions have been closed for two weeks now. Everyone is trying to adjust to their new normal.

Some interesting early articles have come out about the impact of the virus on the EdTech sector, especially now that demand is so high and a lot of providers are offering up some or all of their resources for free. The good news is that investments in EdTech start-ups aren't predicted to slow down, but it looks like there will be more competition for the same pot of capital.

These articles speak of the rise of the EdTech Industry and EdTech companies being all the rage because of the Corona crisis. The other side of the 'free' coin is described here.

And finally, a lot of the more developed online educational tools use or claim to use AI. Is this just a marketing term or does it really help us learn at our own pace?

Hopefully, in a few months' time, I can update you on some of the longer-term educational strategy changes that have been made due to this pandemic.

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