Does Animation Enhance Learning


Does Animation Enhance Learning?

Is animation more than just an engagement tool, and can it enhance learning? In my first podcast, Can Instructional Videos Make Your Smarter? I looked at whether we can design videos to be more cognitively efficient. In this episode I look at some of the research around animation, and whether it can be used to enhance learning.

This piece of research and the others that I reference in the podcast really exciting. Animation is a format that our audience, really engage with. So to know that it also has the potential to aid learning makes me really happy.

Warning! This research, like so many other educational research leave more questions than it answers, but it hopefully gets you thinking about the potential of animated videos as a learning tool. Enjoy!!

Since I recorded the episode I've found a couple of additional resources that I have now added to the Community page that basically makes the same claims.

You can access the resources here.

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