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BrandED Episode 5: Kaitlyn Schafer, Agitos Foundation

Episode five of thought leadership series, BrandED is live and it’s all about diversity and inclusion.

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This is the final episode in series one for BrandED. This week are featuring Kaitlyn Schafer Education Programme Manager for the Agitos Foundation. If you've not heard of the Agitos Foundation, they are the development arm of the International Paralympic Committee.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kaitlyn when I attended the United Nations Global Festival of Action in May. Going to visit the International Paralympic Committee offices was truly a highlight for me. The work that they are doing around the world is incredible. Whilst at the Festival of Action I was inspired by the many para-athletes who were there sharing their stories.

The Agitos Foundation is doing amazing things to support the International Paralympic Committee's vision to 'make for an inclusive world through sport.' In particular the 'I'm POSSIBLE' programme is using the power of sport to change how young people perceive people with disabilities.

In this episode, Kaitlyn talks about equality and inclusion, the sustainable development goals, challenge perceptions and breaking down stereotypes and resilience and grit. Enjoy!

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