Tara Walsh


I’m the Educational Evangelist here at Makematic. At the moment I’m kicking off some new projects and liaising with clients to ensure we know what they want to convey in their videos. I also work closely with our talented script editors and producers.

I was studious as a kid—a bit of a nerd—but still the life of the party! I loved talking with people and had lots of friends. I’m the eldest of three (and with parents often being harder on their eldest),  I was always a responsible, hard-working kid.

I was lucky to grow up in Melbourne, Australia right on the beach. I went to school around the corner, so I was able to come home at lunchtime and watch The Bold and Beautiful with my mum. It was pure cheese – melted cheese – and I loved it.

We lived 15 minutes from the city, in a quintessential Australian suburb, and I was very lucky to grow up with the beach on my doorstep, but I didn’t surf. That was more of a Sydney kind of lifestyle, where the weather is better.

I studied Archeology, History and English at Monash University and Melbourne University. It was a really good time, a lot of fun. I loved Indiana Jones when I was a kid and my mum’s cousin was an archeology academic in England, so I was always intrigued by that world.

When I was at university I won a scholarship to go on an archeological dig in Pylos, Greece, at a site that was apparently the palace of Nestor from Homer’s The Odyssey. We found a 5,000-year-old dress pin, lots of pottery and a Roman aqueduct. It was the first time I had travelled by myself and it was a big adventure for me. It made me want to meet people from other cultures.

I did my degree part-time and worked as a corporate real estate agent during my course. But when you do an arts degree, there aren’t a lot of career opportunities thereafter. So when I graduated, I did a post-grad course in Secondary Teaching. Initially, I didn’t want to teach, but when I started, I just fell in love with it.

I worked for 12 years a classroom teacher – the first five years in a boy’s school – and in my second year I became head of the Humanities department, at a really young age. Then I moved into coordination and then into curriculum coordination for a two-college campus, helping with strategy and design.

Then, when I moved to Northern Ireland in 2012, I worked in human resources for five years, in learning and development, with Queen’s University. I was coaching people in the private sector and now I’ve gone full circle, working with both teachers and corporate clients.

My mum is from Northern Ireland and my husband works at Queen’s University. I love it here. I’m a very sociable person and Belfast, where I’m based, has a really good social scene, lots of pubs and clubs. I love cooking – that’s my passion, particularly bread – as well as outdoor activities, like hiking, and Northern Ireland is perfect for that.

For me, this is the ultimate job. I almost fell off my chair when I read the job spec – I didn’t think this job existed. It combines everything that I love to do. I haven’t been here long but in the future I’m also going to be producing educational content for the MakeMatic blog and social media platforms. It’s all very exciting.


Education Evangelist