Sean Curran


I’m a video editor here at MakeMatic. I come in at the start and end of most projects. When our crew comes back from a shoot, I load all the footage onto my G Drive and start editing down rough cuts. The producers provide me with notes, and the animators to do their thing. I combine everything into nice little digitally digestible packages for viewing. Rinse and repeat. I’m buzzing to do this professionally.

My first professional job was a video editor for a small production company in London, then I became a scriptwriter and video game reviewer for Ginx TV, which was broadcast on Bravo. I would bring a couple of games home every week, review them and write up the script – then the presenter would butcher all of my jokes.

Recently, I was a dailies editor on the acclaimed film ‘A Bump Along the Way’ whilst I also dabble in wedding videography from time to time.

The diversity of the projects here at Makematic is an endless cycle of excitement and interest, and it’s fantastic to be apart of the ever growing team.


Video Editor