Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when we create our videos? This month, we spoke to Production Coordinator, Laura Brennan who has been at Makematic for over one year now. She spoke to us about how she joined the team and her responsibilities as Production Coordinator.

How did you get your job at Makematic?

I started at Makematic as a Post Production Administrator in November 2020, after applying to an ad posted on an industry jobs board. After about three months, I was asked if I’d be interested in becoming a Production Coordinator, as Makematic had some very large projects due to be filmed in 2021, and the producers were going to need support with organising the logistics of the shoots. I jumped at the chance, and have been a Production Coordinator at Makematic since.

On a day-to day-basis, what are your responsibilities and priorities?

Like most roles in this industry, my day-to-day is always changing! While there are a few consistent aspects of my role – such as managing the sound mixing schedule for all projects – my main priority is to support producers on their projects, so my day-to-day really depends on what the producer needs. Sometimes it’s pre-production: sourcing locations, finding & buying props, organising transport & accommodation, catering, creating & distributing call sheets, coordinating covid testing and protocols etc. Sometimes I’m needed on set, and sometimes a producer needs my support in post-production: coordinating release forms, sourcing and licensing assets, reviewing edits, and keeping projects to schedule. Every day is different – so I’m definitely never bored!

How does an Assistant Producer collaborate with other teams within the company? 

The videos we make at Makematic are team efforts, so collaboration is an essential aspect to every role here. I work closely with producers, supporting them with whatever logistical or administrative needs their project has. As Makematic has employees all around the world, we collaborate primarily via email, check-ins, Zooms, lots of spreadsheets and Asana.

Are you working on any big projects?

I’m currently working on wrapping up a huge project with Oxford University Press called Beehive. This was a mammoth of a project – 120 videos, 6 hours of content, over 45 contributors and more than 3,000 assets went into making this series! So there’s a lot of paperwork required to wrap this one up.

What’s an important lesson you’ve learned while working at Makematic?

Definitely the value of teamwork, as everyone at Makematic is a team player. Having a team you can rely on – and have fun with – keeps work enjoyable, especially during the more stressful times.

Projects/videos you’ve worked on at Makematic?

As Post Production Administrator I worked across a multitude of projects, and spent a lot of time working on the Untold series. As Production Coordinator, the main projects I’ve worked on have all been with Oxford University Press, including Kickstart, Beehive, and Insights. I also was given the opportunity to produce an audio-only series for CJ Fallon, which was really fun! 

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