BBC Bitesize Science

80x short films for BBC Bitesize Science

Client: BBC

Brief: We were commissioned to create 80 x short films and motion graphic ‘hooks’ for the BBC Bitesize revision guide series, accessed by over 8 million students annually. These short films covered a variety of science topic areas at KS3 level – everything from elemental chemistry to missions to Mars.

Delivery: The project incorporated a variety of formats from simpler explainers – positioning science concepts in real life settings – to 10 second social media-friendly ‘hooks’. Each was researched, scripted and filmed on location in schools, restaurants, garages, farms and labs across the UK. The finished films also included significant use of overlaid graphics and animations to highlight key learning outcomes. A series of bespoke full-frame animations were created as classroom discussion prompts for a Think Like a Scientist segment.


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