Digital Arts Tutorials

3 x Digital Arts Tutorials for The Barbican

Client: The Barbican

Brief: The Barbican in London is the biggest arts venue in Europe. As part of their continued educational outreach programming, MakeMatic were tasked with designing 3 interactive arts projects – for primary, secondary and upper secondary levels – that combined creativity with coding and digital making skills. Once designed, we would create supporting video tutorials and lesson plans.

Delivery: We devised 3 projects to explore themes including Art Machines, Interactive Art and the Internet of Things. Each presenter-led tutorial guides teachers and students through a classroom project that combines creative expression with coding and digital making skills. The tutorials with filmed on location in London and presented by “Inventor in Residence” at The Science Museum, Mark Champkins.

We also created a set of simple lesson plans to support each project and ran workshops with classroom educators in SEN, primary and secondary schools in London.

Link: Watch on Vimeo

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