We should work together.

All of our courses are developed in collaboration with our content partners. We then license those courses to government, philanthropic and CSR initiatives – or partner with educational providers. If any of that sounds like you, we’ll buy the coffee.

Licensing for Schools & Districts

Who: International Schools, Districts, MATs

What: We license our professional development courses to international schools, MATs, districts and other multi-site organisations. You can embed courses into your existing LMS or use ours, whatever works for you. In you’d like a list of our upcoming courses, just get in touch.

How much: Site-wide licenses start from around $1500 per year with big discounts for multiple sites.

Become a Content Partner

Who: Companies, universities, cultural organisations, non-profits, expert educators

What: We work with subject-matter experts – tech companies, universities, museums and master teachers – to craft our courses. We meet the costs of development; our partners provide their know-how and share a percentage of any licensing fees. If you’re interested in knowing more, start with this overview and then get in touch.

How much: Zero, zip, zilch

Licensing for Public Sector and CSR Programmes

Who: Government, philanthropic organisations, commercial CSR

What: We work with everyone from local government to commercial banks to help launch new educational and digital skills initiatives – powered by our course content. You can launch a custom-branded program in hours, supporting teachers in your city, state or nationwide. We can even help with recruitment or develop custom content.

Bottom Line: Pricing is typically on a per user basis – starting from a few dollars per user per month.

Licensing for Platforms & Distributors

Who: Publishers, education media, training providers

What: Our simple licensing agreements add value and make products and services more ‘sticky’. We directly license individual courses, collections and even our entire library – send us a quick email and we’ll be happy to share our roadmap of upcoming content and pricing info. We’re also open to joint venture and revenue share opportunities with partners that have established routes to market.

Bottom line: We offer annual and fixed term, non-exclusive licenses

Yes, we do do the occasional piece of custom content development. Just ask for a quote.



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